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Your Holiday Dealz E Gift Card

Your Holiday Dealz E Gift Card

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Travel is more than seeing of sights & holidays are not just hotel bookings. With “Your Holiday Dealz” it is not just holidaying but “Creating a Memorable Experience”. Your Holiday Dealz is an Experiential Holiday Company that helps every individual to explore unique holiday experiences by customizing local cuisines, culture and events based on travel preference across the globe.

1.The E-Gift Voucher is valid for purchases made from YourHolidayDealz only.
2.The E-Gift Voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
3.The E-Gift Voucher is valid for all Online & Offline booking through YourHolidayDealz.
4.The E-Gift Voucher cannot be used for partial redemption.
5.Multiple E-Gift Voucher (up to 3) can be combined and used on 1 transaction.
6.The E-Gift Voucher cannot be cancelled or exchanged for cash.
7.The E-Gift Voucher validity cannot be extended under any circumstances.
8.The E-Gift Voucher code/Physical copy or both to be provided at the time of booking along with an ID proof for the offline redemption.
9.YourHolidayDealz is not responsible if the E-Gift Voucher is lost, stolen or used without permission.
Products and services are subject to availability.
10.Bookings once made through the E-Gift Voucher redemption cannot be cancelled.
11.YourHolidayDealz is the final authority on the interpretation of these rules.
12.YourHolidayDealz reserves the right to deny accepting any E-Gift Voucher if it suspects that there is duplicity of cards.
13.This is for individual use only, Travel agents found using the card would lead to cancellation of booking and no refund would be made.

  1. This E-Gift Card will be mailed to the email address that you provide us, so please ensure that it is a valid email address.
  2. Shipping is free for all E-Gift Cards.
  3. The E-Gift Card is usually mailed within 3 working days from the time we receive your payment. Activation of the E-Gift Card will take another 24 hrs.

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