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Liquid Sanctuary INR 590 Off Coupon

Liquid Sanctuary INR 590 Off Coupon

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Enter your float chamber, water 12 inches deep, warmed to skin temperature with over 1000 pounds of Epsom salts. These salts increase the density of the water to the point where your body will float effortlessly. During your session the effects of noise, gravity and all external stimuli are non-existent. Your spine begins to decompress, the brain is freed from the constant demands of daily life leading to slower alpha and theta brain waves (those experienced just before sleep and during deep meditation) and your body is on its way to reaching a state of homeostatic, a state in which bodily systems are able to reset and to calibrate themselves to optimum functioning. In short the float will slip you into one of the most deeply rejuvenating experiences of relaxation in your life.

1.INR 590/- Off per session

2.Offer valid till 31st Oct’19

3.Not applicable on services already on offer

4.Redeemable at studio located at Pali Hill Bandra, (Mumbai)

5.None of the above offers is applicable on already discounted products/services.

6.Prior appointment is mandatory. For bookings call on +91 9920721114.


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